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The Shadow Cabinet & Lead Members

Cllr Peter Curling

Cllr Peter Curling
Leader of The Labour Group
Labour Lead on Executive Scrutiny


Cllr Peter Money
Deputy Leader
Exective Scrutiny Committee

Cllr Janet Duncan

Cllr Janet Duncan
Chief Whip & Labour Lead on Central & South Planning and Standards Committee

Cllr Jazz Dhillon

Cllr Jazz Dhillon
Deputy Whip & Labour Lead on Corporate Services, Commerce and Communities


Cllr John Oswell
Labour Group Chair & Labour Lead on North Planning Committee

Cllr Tony Eginton
Labour Lead on Social Care, Housing & Public Health and Audit Committee


Cllr Jan Sweeting
Labour Lead on Residents, Education & Environmental Services

Cllr Kuldeep Lakhmana
Labour Lead on External Services Select Committee


Cllr John Morse
Labour Lead on Major Application Planning Committee and Pensions Committee

Cllr Lynne Allen
Labour Lead on Licensing committee and Registration & Appeals committee

Cllr Janet Gardner
The Borough’s Domestic Violence Victims Advocate