The Labour Party holds 23 out of the 53 seats on The London Borough of Hillingdon.  The Conservative Party hold the remaining 30 seats.  Labour is therefore in opposition in Hillingdon.

The wards with Labour Councillors are listed below:-

Details of our Shadow Cabinet is at the link below:-


Our Co-operative Vision for Hillingdon

The Hillingdon Labour Party is committed to developing a co-operative future; one where residents, partners, community organisations and staff work together to improve the borough and create a confident and ambitious place to live and work. Put simply, becoming a co-operative borough is about everybody doing their bit and everybody benefiting.

In Hillingdon, working co-operatively can mean many different things. It’s not just about delivering services through co-operatives or mutuals, it’s about working in a way which helps to empower residents to take greater control of their own lives and also get the maximum benefit from the resources that are available to the community and public sector.

It encompasses a much broader range of approaches that reflect the values and ethos of cooperative working. This means working in ways which are ethical, fair and deliver good social value as well as value-for-money. It also means giving residents the opportunity to work in collaboration with us to design and even help deliver services.

In Hillingdon, only Labour have a true One Borough approach that will ensure that residents and community groups not only have their voices heard but that they are also empowered to become involved in the decision-making process.

True partnership working will refocus the council’s outlook and activity and allow it to implement decisions based on community collaboration rather than dictatorial decisions being made on a narrow party-political basis at the Civic Centre.

We will continue to oppose the narrow dictatorial approach of the Conservative administration and set out our plans and pave the way for Hillingdon to become a united and co-operative borough, where the council, strategic partners, businesses, community groups and residents all pull together in the same direction, for a better, more vibrant Hillingdon.

The Hillingdon Labour Group is an Associate Member of the Co-operative Councils Innovation Network, more details of this network can be found at the link below:-