Candidates 2022: Charville

Labour members in Charville ward have now selected their candidates for the upcoming Hillingdon Council elections which take place on May 5th 2022.

Members have chosen: Barry Nelson-West and Sumen Starr

Barry Nelson-West

Barry has strong Labour roots that go way back to his family that have had a big influence on his values. Barry, who has an autistic son, is a volunteer Special Educational Needs, (SEN’s) advisor and advocate.

Barry lives in Charville, and for most of his working life Barry has worked in Corporate and Hospitality Catering. He loves being a part of my local community who have openly welcomed and supported him and his family.

Sumen Starr

Sumen’s experiences of growing up in poverty, abuse, racism, hardship, single parenting have enabled her to have a better understanding of the many obstacles faced in today’s society, and a strong desire to help in any way that she can in supporting local communities and anyone facing hardship.

Sumen has been heavily involved in running charity events on a voluntary basis, and volunteered during the pandemic to deliver and distribute food supplies to the homeless in London and Hillingdon.