Candidates 2022: Colham and Cowley

Labour members in Colham and Cowley ward have now selected their candidates for the upcoming Hillingdon Council elections which take place on May 5th 2022.

Members have chosen: Tony Eginton, Steve Garelick, and Karina Marqvardt

Tony Eginton

Tony brings a wealth of experience to the role, having been elected to Hillingdon Council on several occasions. He is a qualified accountant, and is the current Hillingdon Labour Lead on finance matters. He takes a key interest in matters relating to education and children’s services. Tony is also a School Governor of two primary schools.

Steve Garelick

Steve works for the GMB Union who have offices in Church Road, Hayes. He has been attending Labour Group meetings for over 4 years, and chairs a local charity. He is a director of Hillingdon Law Centre, a charity that helps residents with legal representation. Steve is passionate about good community values, and says that some community spirit has been lost under the Conservatives.

Karina Marqvart

Karina has lived in Hillingdon since 2000 and holds a degree in social sciences. She is currently working towards her doctorate in public health engagement. Karina is passionate about the NHS and health equality, using her voice to champion better health for all. She has spent over twenty years in frontline services working with children and adults, and has provided support on housing, health, and social care needs.