Candidates 2022: Pinkwell

Labour members in Pinkwell ward have now selected their candidates for the upcoming Hillingdon Council elections which take place on May 5th 2022.

Members have selected: Tarnvir Singh Gill, Kuldeep Lakhmana, and Gursharan Singh Mand.

Tarnvir Singh Gill

Tarnvir has been a Pinkwell resident since 2005 and has have built good relationships with the local community and understand issues which persist. His focus is to add value to the lives of residents through listening and acting upon the concerns his fellow residents have.

Tarnvir has been a secondary teacher of Economics for 7 years and has taught at many schools across Hillingdon where he has seen first-hand the value a good education in a good school can bring for students. One key area of focus for Tarnvir is to help bridge the gap students have had in their learning because of the pandemic through home schooling and self-isolation.

Kuldeep Lakhmana

Kuldeep has served as a Councillor for nearly 12 years. In this time, she has served as the ward panel chair, a trust member with the Park Federation, served on Hillingdon’s External Services Committee, and has been part of the Hilllingdon Asian Women’s Group.

Within the Labour Party, Kuldeep has served as the Labour Group’s Secretary for many years, and is also the Branch Secretary of her local Labour Party.

Kuldeep’s motto has always been to love all, serve all (one large community). She has and will work hard for the ward.

Gursharan Singh Mand

Having resided in Hayes his entire life, Gursharan has a very strong connection with the area. His key aim and focus is to listen, assist and value every resident and work tirelessly for schools, shops, businesses, meeting places and areas of worship.

In terms of his academic and professional career, after graduating with a Masters in Engineering, he worked as a Chartered Engineer and Consultant for over 10 years. Deciding to have a career change around 5 years ago, he currently works as Head of Year and Teacher of Mathematics at a local Secondary School.