Councillor launches petition against Hayes roads being used as racing track

Botwell ward Councillor Janet Gardner has launched a petition urging the Council to act and tackle Hayes roads being used as a racing track by speeding cars.


The petition calls for Hillingdon Council to request more action by Hillingdon Police to catch and charge those responsible. Cllr Gardner also wants formal consultation by Hillingdon Council to take place as a matter of urgency on the introduction of a 20mph limit and other traffic calming measures.

The petition goes on to say that the signatories ‘deplore the use of roads in and around Hayes Town Centre by inconsiderate drivers who frequently drive at excessive speeds, often late at night and in the early hours of the morning’.

Speaking about her petition, Cllr Gardner said: 

“This anti-social behaviour is not only a threat to life and limb but also to physical and mental health because of excessive noise and air pollution. 

“It’s time that the Council took seriously the impact that this has, and acted to address the problem. It’s time for action.” 

On reaching 100 signatures, the petition will be formally considered by the Council and relevant Cabinet Member. 

For residents wishing to add their support to the petition, they can add their name here. 



The roads affected are Blyth Road, Botwell Common Road, Botwell Lane, Clayton Road, Dawley Road, Millington Road, Nestles Avenue, Nield Road, North Hyde Road, Printing House Lane, Redmead Road, St Anselms Road, Station Road and Trevor Road  

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