Hillingdon Conservatives refuse to reintroduce Black History Month

Hillingdon Conservatives voted down a motion on reintroducing Black History Month celebrations and remembrance in Hillingdon, justifying this by saying they prefer to ‘celebrate all cultures and diversity instead’.
Hillingdon stopped celebrating Black History Month over a decade ago, and are now focusing their efforts on a month celebrating literature, arts and culture – a month that has very little about black history. This also puts Hillingdon Council at odds with other Conservative-controlled Councils in London, who all support and celebrate Black History Month.
Black History Month also has the support of high profile politicians such as Theresa May – whom the Labour Group referred to in their speeches as a vocal support of such celebrations. The purpose of the focus on Black History is to learn about the contributions that those of African and Caribbean origin have made to this country, and the cultures and heritage that help shape diverse and integrated communities.
Speaking at last night’s Council meeting, Councillor June Nelson said:
“In this month’s Hillingdon People, there is a two-page spread celebrating the culture and arts festival – there is nothing in this programme celebrating black history here in one of the most multicultural of boroughs.
“I am calling on this council to reconsider introducing Black History Month for our community, young and old, living in this borough. If this falls on deaf ears, it is an affirmation of the status quo, and Hillingdon will be continued to be regarded as a lip-service paying Borough to the idea of inclusivity.”

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