Hillingdon Conservatives threaten to shut down future debate in Council Chamber

The Hillingdon Conservatives have said that they will shut down debate by invoking standing order 14.11 if they are not satisfied with the content of Hillingdon Labour’s motions – a move in line with previous behaviour of the Hillingdon Conservatives that the Labour Group have deemed ‘dictatorial’.
Councillor Douglas Mills, when speaking on the motion relating to 50s born women and state pension changes, said that if Labour ‘try this tactic again’, one of their Councillors will invoke the relevant standing order to bring the debate to a close. Hillingdon Labour are not clear on what tactic Cllr Mills is referring to, as this suggests any motion that the Conservatives do not like could be closed early. This is a direct contradiction to Cllr Puddifoot’s comments earlier in the meeting when he said that Boris Johnson’s burka comments were simply ‘free speech’ and that he would defend the right to free speech.
Speaking after the Council meeting, Councillor Peter Curling said:
“Councillor Mills was threatening the Labour Group with a form of censure if we brought a motion to Council that was not to their satisfaction – a threat that we will not succumb to.
“When selecting what motions we are going to put forward, we look at what issues are concerning local residents and we use the methods available to us to raise them and get answers from those who run this Borough on a day to day basis. 
“Councillor Mills may not like the subject we’re debating, nor the points that Labour make – but it is within our rights as Councillors in this Borough to raise the issues we believe need to be raised. 
“Perhaps Councillor Mills should refer to his Leader’s comments earlier in the meeting about free speech.”

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