Hillingdon Conservatives vote against Labour proposal funding extra police

As part of their cost-neutral budget amendment, Hillingdon Labour proposed £114,000 to be spent on extra police officers to serve the borough through the Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime office which gives a discount on police officers.

But Hillingdon Labour were left disappointed when the Conservatives voted down the proposal at their budget meeting this evening, despite spending much of previous meetings talking about the importance of policing in the Borough.

Speaking after the meeting, Labour Councillor Peter Curling said:

“Hillingdon Labour believe that one key way we’re going to tackle crime is through investment in our police force so that there are more of them on the streets.

“Despite years of peacocking from the Conservatives, they have voted against our proposal, which we can only conclude means that they do not care about investing in police officers, and instead prefer to talk about buildings which do not tackle crime.

“It is disappointing, but we will keep pushing the argument that under the last 10 years, more than 20,000 police officers have been cut from our police forces. Unfortunately Hillingdon Conservatives seem unbothered to address the problem that their Government caused.”

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