Hillingdon Conservatives vote down motion on improving council scrutiny

The next chapter in months of disagreement between the two political parties represented on Hillingdon Council on the right of Councillors to scrutinise Council decisions took form in a motion submitted by Councillor Tony Eginton.

The motion, submitted to be considered by all 65 members of Hillingdon Council on Thursday night, called for the controversial decision made earlier this year to prevent Councillors from scrutinising all decisions and policies made by the Council and representing all of Hillingdon, to be rescinded. As the decision has been made in the last 6 months, it required 17 members of the Council to sign a motion for it to be approved.

Speaking after the Council meeting, Councillor Tony Eginton said:

“If there is flytipping visible from a window in my ward, but it technically falls into another ward, I have to tell my resident that I cannot report it.

“I cannot ask the Council what it is doing on an issue unless it relates only and specifically to my ward. I cannot ask about schools in the borough, for example.

“Likewise, if a Councillor has been supporting a resident with housing problems, but they are then placed in temporary accommodation in another ward, that Councillor can no longer help them. It’s counterproductive.”

The motion was voted down by the Conservative Councillors, who have been accused by the Labour Group of continuously trying to evade scrutiny.

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