Hillingdon Council votes against supporting low-income families 

The annual budget meeting of Hillingdon Council took place last night, which is the occasion where Councillors will vote on council tax rises and the spending and revenue of Hillingdon over the next financial year.

The Labour Group took this opportunity to put forward an alternative budget in the form of an amendment, but this was swiftly voted down by the ruling Conservative group.

Labour’s amendment included: a review of youth services; a care leavers council tax discount; increased domestic violence support; mental health first aid training; and discounts on local services for low-income families.

Conservative Councillors speaking against Labour’s amendment said that the amendment had come in too late – despite the final budget only being agreed by Cabinet a few days before.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Stuart Mathers said:
“The Conservatives had no real arguments against the substance of our amendment, so instead they resulted to personal insults, made up conversations, and comparisons to other local authorities. 
“Many of the suggestions we put forward in our amendments year after year eventually end up in Conservative proposals, proving that this isn’t about policy – it’s about politics. 
“Our amendment focused on the fall-out from the pandemic, how we can support the poorest in our communities, and what would make a genuine difference to people’s lives.”
“Hillingdon residents deserve better than this Conservative administration.”

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