Hillingdon Labour calls for ‘inclusive and community-driven’ consultation over ward boundaries

The Local Government Boundary Commission England (LGBCE) have published their intention to reduce the number of Councillors in Hillingdon from 65 to 53, an overall reduction of 12. This is part of the compulsory review that most London Boroughs will have to go through before 2020.
The next stage of the review is to amend the ward boundaries to accommodate fewer Councillors, with the likelihood of there being fewer but larger wards. There are a range of outcomes that this could deliver, but the key focus is to ensure that the new wards and boundaries make sense in the context of the local community and that there is use of natural boundaries.
This review is different to the national boundary review which will determine the constituencies that elect Members of Parliament, and will affect only the elections of local Hillingdon Councillors.
Speaking on behalf of the Hillingdon Labour Group, Councillor Peter Curling said:
“Now that the local government boundary commission have decided that Hillingdon should have 53 councillors rather than 65, we will work to ensure that local residents and community groups are encouraged to contribute to the consultation process in order that the proposed new wards have the most suitable boundaries. It is an opportunity for everyone to look at what makes sense, what doesn’t, and how residents can be best represented.
“This is not an activity that Councillors and politcal parties can undertake alone – this is more about the local identity of an area, rather than any political party and the entire community should be involved as they know their roads and towns better than anyone.
“The commission is running a public consultation process from Tuesday 28th August 2018 until Monday 5th November 2018 and we would encourage residents and community groups to look at the commission’s website and the information that will be available over the next few weeks and consider what they think is best for their area and then submit their suggestions and contributions to the commission’s consultation website, to ensure that the final boundaries will have been decided with full and complete knowledge of the local area and the communities within them.”
The local government boundary commission consultation website is:- https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/
Or you can write to the commission at the following address:-
 Review Officer (Hillingdon), LGBCE, 1st Floor,
Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0TL


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