Hillingdon Labour calls rise in foodbank use “the worst of Britain”

A record number of people were issued emergency food parcels in the last year, according to The Trussell Trust who support a nationwide network of foodbanks in the UK.
According to their data, a record 1.6 million food parcels were given out to families and individuals who are experiencing food poverty right here in the UK which is a 19% increase on the previous year.
Hillingdon Labour have previously donated the increases in their Councillor allowances to the local foodbank.
Responding to the news, the Leader of the Hillingdon Labour Group Councillor Peter Curling said:

“Whilst we thank the organisations and volunteers that have stepped in to provide emergency food for those most in need, it is a scandal that they have had to step in at all.

“We are one of the richest countries in the world, and yet we have huge numbers of families and individuals in need of food. This simply shouldn’t be happening.

“This is the worst of Britain in action. Terrible and damaging policy initiatives such as Universal Credit that are destroying lives and pushing people into poverty. It isn’t good enough.

“Whilst some celebrate when a new foodbank is opened, we will not celebrate until the last one closes down due to there being no need for food parcels anymore. That will be something worth celebrating.”

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