Hillingdon Labour chooses team to lead them into next election

Councillor Peter Curling has been given a fresh mandate by Labour Councillors in Hillingdon to lead them in the run up to the 2022 Council elections. The group also chose a new Deputy Leader in Cllr Stuart Mathers, who has represented the West Drayton ward since 2018.

Peter Curling has led the Labour Group since 2017 and has served as a Hillingdon Councillor since 2002.

In May 2022, the number of Councillors in Hillingdon reduces from 65 to 53, with the ward areas and names changing. It is unclear what this means for the political balance on Hillingdon Council, which the Conservatives have run for 23 years.

Speaking about his re-election as Leader, Cllr Curling said:

“It has been an honour to lead Hillingdon Labour  for the past few years, and I look forward to this upcoming year in particular where we will make the case to Hillingdon residents about the type of Hillingdon that we all want to live in.

“So many people have been left behind under successive Conservative administrations. They have moved funding away from services for the most vulnerable and given it to large-scale vanity projects, and even now they have abandoned their pledge to freeze council tax for the over 65s.

“The Conservatives are running out of ideas, and we will be ready to step up and take over should Hillingdon residents give us their trust next May.”