Hillingdon Labour Group backs the ‘Breaking Point’ campaign

Councillors in the Hillingdon Labour Group have backed the ‘Breaking Point’ campaign organised by the Local Government Association (LGA) Labour Group, which calls on the Government to cancel the planned cuts for next year, and to immediately invest £2billion in adult social care to stop these vital services for vulnerable people from collapsing.
In less than two weeks, over 5,000 Labour councillors had signed the petition, which is more than 85% of the total number of Labour councillors. The petition demonstrates the united feeling between Labour Councillors up and down the country that Conservative cuts are damanging to the function of local governments and is hurting the most vulnerable in our communities.
Speaking on behalf of the Hillingdon Labour Group, Councillor and Group Leader Peter Curling said:
“The cuts facing local councils up and down the country are putting the most vulnerable people at risk, and there is a crisis in social care. Councils have to provide statutory services, but it is often the support services that can prevent low-risk vulnerable people from becoming high-risk, and it is these support services that promote independent living that are being decimated.
“It is reassuring that the Labour Party are committed to re-investing in Local Government, but we need a Labour Government to be able to deliver this. To achieve a Labour Government, we need a General Election to give the people the choice on which path they want this country to go down.
“Hillingdon is suffering a double whammy, because not only is the council a victim of savage cuts from the Conservative government, but the Conservative administration in Hillingdon is not willing to invest in the mitigation of those cuts. Instead they prioritise vanity projects and maintain an immaculate facade which has no support behind it. The Labour Group is committed to a people centred approach to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life.”

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