Hillingdon Labour launches manifesto for May elections

With Hillingdon residents going to the polls in two weeks to vote for their Councillors for the next four years, Hillingdon Labour has launched their manifesto which details their position and plans should they win the Council on 5th May.

Included in the manifesto are Hillingdon Labour’s 5 key pledges for the election, which are:

  1.   Protecting free weekly waste and recycling collections
  2.  Ensuring low council tax
  3.   Not building on Green Belt, or open space land that is protected by a covenant
  4.   Taking a zero-tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour and appoint ward-specific officers to ensure continuity
  5.   Improving care by phasing out 15-minute rushed visits, prioritising quality, and increase resources to tackle loneliness

Hillingdon Labour have also distanced themselves from the Mayor of London, and committed themselves to opposing the extension of ULEZ, and being against any M25-London boundary charge.

Speaking about the manifesto, Labour Group Leader Peter Curling said:

“I am incredibly proud of our manifesto. We are putting forward a bold and optimistic offer to Hillingdon residents about the kind of borough we want to be. 

“For too long, residents in Hillingdon have been an afterthought. We have seen the Conservatives build inappropriate developments against residents wishes, have ignored requests for CCTV and street repairs, and have failed to tackle antisocial behaviour.”

“It has become clear that this Conservative administration has been using smoke and mirrors to hide their poor financial management. It takes some arrogance to preach ‘sound financial management’ while also begging the Government for a bailout to cover the £38m deficit that they failed to get under control.”



Hillingdon Labour Manifesto 2022- Final

Hillingdon Labour Manifesto 2022 – Plain Text