Hillingdon Labour proposes balanced budget – whilst Conservatives commit to millions in loans

During the 2020/21 Hillingdon Council budget meeting, Hillingdon Labour presented a cost-neutral amendment to the budget which was rejected by the Conservative group that run the Council.

The Labour Group submitted proposals that included additional youth support workers, police officer funding, and a freeze in council tax for those already on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for those who are on low incomes.

Rejecting these proposals, the Conservative group pushed ahead with their budget that would commit the Council to repaying £20m in loans over the next five years.

Speaking after the meeting, Labour’s Councillor Stuart Mathers who proposed the amendment to the budget said:

“It is disappointing but not surprising that the Conservatives have turned down our amendment. We know it’s a good amendment, and so do they, but party politics prevents them from saying so.

“Our budget protects the most vulnerable in Hillingdon by exempting them from the council tax increase, and puts greater focus on the sustainability of the council. The Conservatives like to talk about the importance of policing, yet they have just voted down the creation of more police officer roles in this Borough.”

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