Hillingdon Labour responds to Tory attempt to purchase Uxbridge police station

Responding to the Hillingdon Conservatives latest statement on their attempt to purchase Uxbridge Police Station, Leader of the Hillingdon Labour Group Councillor Peter Curling said:

“The Hillingdon Conservatives have postured and pandered over the issue of the closure of Uxbridge police station, but after last week’s Council meeting, it is clearer than ever that this is no more than a political stunt.

“As Councillor Douglas Mills said in the Council meeting, the police station will be open for another three years. The only part that has been closed is the front counter, which less than three people visited.

“If their offer to buy the station was accepted, I can’t see why the Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime would want to rent it back off the Council when they currently own it – which is the Tory proposal.

“Police are still using the Uxbridge police station building as a base for their officers, and any attempt by these Conservatives to communicate anything else is simply poltical manipulation.”

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