Hillingdon Labour welcomes new faces after positive election result

Hillingdon Labour increased their share of Councillors from 32% to 43% at the council elections that took place on 5th May, and gained Council seats in Yiewsley, Uxbridge and Charville as well as holding onto the seats that they already had.
With the result being very close in some seats, Hillingdon Labour were just over 500 votes from winning control of the Council for the first time since 1994. Labour also secured large majorities in marginal seats Yiewsley and West Drayton.
One of the new faces joining the group is Sital Punja, a new Councillor in Yiewsley. Sital has been elected Chair of the Hillingdon Labour Group, with Peter Curling remaining Leader and Stuart Mathers remaining Deputy Leader.
New face Tarnvir Gill, a Councillor in Pinkwell, has been elected the Chief Whip of the Hillingdon Labour Group.
Speaking about the result, Councillor Peter Curling said:
“We are delighted with the result in Hillingdon. We took seats in Boris Johnson’s constituency that the Conservatives have held for years. This is even after they changed the boundaries to better suit them.
“We are just 4 seats away from taking the Council. The Conservatives can no longer be complacent in Hillingdon. We will be watching them closely, and we are preparing to take the Council in 2026.”