Hillingdon’s Conservatives Do Not Recognise Black History Month and Its Importance and Significance To The Borough

Hillingdon’s Conservative councillors all voted against recognising Black History Month and its importance and significance to the borough.

Conservative run Hillingdon council abandoned the celebration of Black History Month in 2008 and have been the only council not to hold events to commemorate and celebrate the achievements, of Black people in the month of October each year.

Labour Councillor June Nelson has been campaigning for the Conservatives in Hillingdon to reinstate Black History Month, for over a decade.

At the full council meeting on Thursday 14th July 2022, Cllr Nelson, once again moved a motion, which was a simple statement that, “This council recognises Black History Month and its importance and significance to the borough.”

In a recorded vote, every single Conservative councillor present at the meeting, voted against, this simple statement.

After the meeting Cllr Nelson said: –

“I am passionate about celebrating our cultural diversity and the achievements, as well as the struggles, of Black people.  October is known internationally as Black History Month, and most councils in the UK, regardless of their political control, put on events to focus on why it is so important and significant to their area.

The Conservatives in Hillingdon have made it very clear that they disagree with this and whilst they continue with platitudes of putting residents first and celebrating all of our diverse communities, that obviously does not extend to the importance and significance of the achievements of Black people in Hillingdon.  It is a shameful example of the modern Conservative party.”