Hilllingdon Labour responds to High Court ruling on Heathrow Third Runway

Responding to the news that the High Court have dismissed all the legal challenges to plans to build a third runway at Heathrow Airport, Hillingdon Labour Group Leader Cllr Peter Curling said

“We are extremely disappointed at the high court ruling on the third runway at Heathrow Airport. We believe that the environmental impact and the increasingly poor air quality is something that cannot be ignored. We will continue to fight for the residents of Hillingdon with our strong opposition to the third runway and its sixth terminal. We are determined to stop this from happening.”


  • Chris Waters

    I think you all miss the point when it comes to air quality and the environmental impact. London as a whole is being subjected to a massive housing increase project backed by Labour Mayor Khan. LBH Council seem to like exceeding the targets set by Khan. Overall, this massive residential expansion is doing us no good in terms of health, pollution etc but do we see anyone trying to stop this? No! Instead you all fight on of the biggest direct and indirect employers of locals [and we need more employement due to the increase in residents]. And don’t forget that aircraft pollution is something that is being tackled unlike the road congestion which causes pollution in our neighbourhoods. Instead of spending all the time, effort and money fighting an employer, rather clean up Hillingdon.

  • Neil Spurrier

    Absolutely right. This is highly unlikely to get through DCO stage. The risks of deteriorating air quality that is already illegal are high. Planes make substantial emissions affecting air quality on the ground for 20+ Kms from the airport. The extra ground traffic will clog up London. There has been no assessment whatsoever of whether the airport can meet net zero GHG emissions by 2050 taken with the Country as a whole

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