International Women’s Day 2019: Cllr Janet Gardner

This International Women's Day, Hillingdon Labour have chosen to celebrate one of our own community leaders in recognition of the years of tireless and dedicated work to helping women in need. 

The theme of International Women's Day 2019 is Balance for Better, building a gender-balanced world. And it is because of the 
imbalance between genders that some women can feel undervalued, according to the local Councillor that we've chosen to recognise today.

A Hillingdon Councillor for 25 years in May Janet Gardner has spent much of her life helping victims and 
survivors of domestic violence in the local area. A survivor herself, the Botwell Councillor is often working 
throughout the day and night to be on hand to help and provide support to whoever needs it. The pioneer of 
Hillingdon Council's domestic violence forum, Janet continually works with victims and support services to 
ensure that the victims are helped to regain their self esteem and return to living a normal life after being 
controlled, some for many years.

Cllr Gardner’s work reached another milestone with the opening of Hillingdon’s specialist Domestic Violence 
Court on 14th May 2008. Recognised by all political groups on Hillingdon Council for her work on domestic 
violence, she has been appointed the Domestic Violence Victims Advocate, and she is passionate about the issue not being one of 
party politics, but one that everyone should be working together to tackle. 

But it isn't just tackling domestic violence that Cllr Gardner champions in her role, but she also helped start the 
first multi racial playgroup in Southall in the early 70s, and now works with groups of mothers in the diverse 
Hayes community who are working with other mothers to try and ensure that their children do not fall into 

Speaking on International Women's Day, Councillor Gardner said:

"I am all about empowerment. I give all the women I meet the tools to help themselves. What keeps me driven is 
the work that keeps coming in for victims of domestic violence that need my help.

"I get phone calls and emails all times of the day, and even when I was in hospital this time last year, I continued to work as it is 
important to me that the women who need my help can get it. As long as I am able to talk or send emails, I will continue to help."

If you need help and advice with regard to domestic violence and you would like to speak in confidence to Cllr 
Gardner, you can email her at [email protected] or through the Labour Group Office on 
01895 250780. However if your call is of an urgent nature then please dial 999.

For more information on how the Council can help with Domestic Violence issues please visit the Council’s 

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