Statement on the aviation blueprint for a post-COVID19 world

Hillingdon Labour group have a strong established position of opposition to any further expansion of Heathrow airport and whilst we remain 100% against a 3rd runway, we do agree that the government needs to step in and ensure that the UK aviation industry is protected at this time of uncertainty.

Our position has always been that the UK should have a national aviation strategy that ensures a strong aviation industry across every region of the UK, so that the overcrowded skies over the south east of England are thinned out and jobs in aviation and the associated support industries are provided to local economies across the country.

The devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic has left the aviation industry in a very poor state with many of its workers facing redundancy.  We could also see some of our regional airports facing closure.  All of this will have a severe impact on various support industries leading to mass unemployment, like we have not seen for many decades.

Hillingdon Labour group therefore supports the “aviation blueprint for a post COVID 19 world” proposed by Unite the union and we call upon the Prime Minister to work with the unions to ensure  that a UK wide aviation strategy is formed that will protect Jobs and ensure that we have an aviation industry fit for a post covid and post Brexit world.

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