Thoughts: Cllr Lynne Allen

The good, the bad and the ugly… 

The pandemic has brought out the good, the bad and the ugly in our communities.

The good – some amongst us have gone above and beyond, working tirelessly in the Health Service to bring an end to the pandemic. Others, working as delivery drivers, and shop workers to make sure that we can put food on our tables. The sacrifices made in this pandemic must not be forgotten and these key workers celebrated and appreciated – more than just a clap. We’ve seen our communities pull together to support each other during this difficult time ensuring that the vulnerable had the support they needed.

However, we’ve also seen the bad and the ugly: 

The ugly – whilst others were out working hard in these difficult times, some individuals have taken it upon themselves to fly tip on our streets, causing eyesores and health hazards in the most selfish of ways. Rather than appropriately dumping their waste, they felt it necessary to make it a burden on all of us, wasting our tax money to clean it up. In Townfield, I have personally seen an increase in this recently and no matter how often I go out on my fly tip patrol, more always seems to appear.

The bad – my fellow Labour Councillors and I have been repeatedly calling upon the Conservative Council to take a hard line and enforce the law, prosecuting those who think themselves better than the rest of us and fly tip on our streets. However, the Council’s response has been woefully inadequate, with the situation only getting worse. More needs to be done. 

Whilst Hillingdon isn’t the Wild West and Clint Eastwood isn’t roaming the streets of Hayes, you can rest easy knowing that your local Labour Councillors will be tirelessly demanding the Conservative Council do more to combat the blight of fly tipping and walking the streets making sure the Council do the work they’re supposed to. A job that used to be done by Estate Managers, before the Conservatives cut them…