Press Release – Labour Group Response To Amended Motion on Lake Farm

In response to the amended motion that the Conservative group voted through full council on 6th September 2012, Hillingdon Labour group considers this to be nothing more than a cynical attempt to create divisions within the local community, thus taking the focus off the real issue of the ruling Conservative group building on green belt land, without any consultation within the local community, and without releasing details of the other 17 sites that the cabinet considered in secret.

The amended motion’s commitment for transparent and open governance only extends to the Cabinet making public the opposition Labour Group’s suggestions, whilst the 17 sites that the Cabinet have already considered remain secret.  No doubt this is so that those sites can be earmarked for future potential development.  As Labour Members mentioned in debate the green spaces in Hayes are being eroded and the reluctance of the cabinet to make their secret dossier of 17 sites public does not convince us that they are serious about protecting our parks and open spaces from development.

Cllr Peter Curling – Leader of the Labour Group Said

“Once again the Conservatives in Hillingdon have shown complete and utter contempt for the residents by playing a cynical political game aimed at creating divisions within the local community.  We will not allow the Tories to divert the focus away from their plans to build on a much loved Country Park within the green belt.

We are just as committed as anyone else to ensure that every child in Hillingdon has a decent school place, but it should also be considered that since the announcement of the Tories plans to build on the green belt, we have had an extensive school expansion programme, plus new “free schools” in the pipeline, some of which are very close to one or two of the Tories secret list of potential sites. 

 If the Conservatives were actually interested in working constructively with us, they would have supported our original motion, called a halt to the planning process, reconfirmed the need for a new school in light of other proposed new schools and engaged the local community in the process of re-examining all possible sites.”