West Drayton Labour Councillors accused Conservatives of ‘gross mistruths’

Residents in West Drayton have started to receive leaflets from the Conservative Party, in which the Conservatives claim that the incumbent Labour Councillors have ‘abandoned’ parts of the ward. These allegations are gross mistruths, and do not bear any resemblance to fact.

Over the years, Councillors Sweeting, Mathers and Duncan have worked incredibly hard for West Drayton residents. It is their hard work for local people that saw Councillors Duncan and Sweeting elected in both 2014 and 2018, with newcomer Councillor Mathers joining the team in 2018.

With local elections coming up, the Conservatives are trying to tar the incumbent Labour Councillors with lies, trying to discredit their hard work in a hope that residents will believe the lies. Specifically, the Conservatives have accused the West Drayton Councillors of not tackling flytipping on Holly Gardens.

If the Conservatives had asked the Labour Councillors what they had done, they would have known that the Councillors regularly report flytipping in this location, and are working to get CCTV as a deterrent. This has been backed up by Cllr Sweeting publishing a ‘members enquiry’ that she sent to the Council on 7th January.

Speaking after seeing the leaflet, Cllr Sweeting said:

“It comes as no real surprise to me that the Conservatives need to lie about the West Drayton Councillors in order to get support. The Conservative Council is the one that has abandoned West Drayton, while the Labour Councillors have fought on behalf of residents time and time again.”